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Cisco’s TechWise TV

I’m in the process of gathering together a list of free resources related to networking.  I’ll publish them in the blog as I add them to the list, and eventually I’ll post the entire list on the Packet Lab main site.

The first of these resources is Cisco’s TechWise TV.  TechWise TV is a Cisco produced web show featuring Robb Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser.  TechWise TV focuses on specific technology solutions (Cisco and non-Cisco) that benefit customers of all sizes and industries.  Each episode runs about 60 minutes.  The episodes are actually hosted live.  If you get on the TechWise TV mailing list you will get invites to future shows.  Obviously the benefit of the live shows is the ability to participate in the Question and Answer session.  Otherwise, the archived shows are a great way to go.

TechWise TV

You will need to register with Cisco in order to view the episodes.  If you already have a CCO account, then you should be good to go using that account.  Otherwise, you need to create a new CCO account.  I know that this is a pain, but if you don’t have a CCO account already, you really should get one anyways so that you can access the restricted areas(like IOS images) of Cisco’s website.

After logging in you will probably want to make sure your system has the required software needed to run the videos.  This meant installing Real Player (yuck) for me.  If you’re rocking a Mac or Ubuntu, then there are versions of Real Player for those platforms [here’s a tutorial on how to install Real Player on Ubuntu 9.10]

Now that you’re set up, you can dip into the episodes.  Currently there are about 55 episodes.  If you’re interested in Cisco Certification you should check out Episode 49 “Insider’s Guide to Cisco Career Certifications“.  This episode was shot at Cisco Live 2009 and touches on the various Cisco certifications.  The last chapter of the show is entitled “Gaining Hands-On Experience” and Jimmy Ray Purser pimps out Dynamips.

Insider's Guide to Cisco Career Certifications

Gaining Hands-On Experience

There are a ton of topics covered in the TechWise TV episodes so you should be able to something that interests you.

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